Fondation Maurice Ravel

Fondation Maurice Ravel

Fondation Maurice Ravel

The Fondation, recognized as being of “public benefit” by decree of the President of the Council of the Republic Guy Mollet, was created in 1956 thanks to a gift made the preceding year by Édouard Ravel, brother of the composer. Its chief mission is “to honor the memory of Maurice Ravel, to perpetuate his memory, to serve in the distribution and performance of his works, to manage and to preserve the assets of any kind that may have belonged to him”. Because of its status, it can receive gifts and bequests.

History of the Fondation Maurice Ravel

From its inception, the Fondation has developed various activities including the creation of the Prix International Maurice Ravel. This Prix has been awarded to great composers such as Witold Lutoslawski (1971), Benjamin Britten (1974), Manuel Rosenthal (1981), Georgy Ligeti (19??),Maurice Ohana (1985), Henri Dutilleux (1987), Toru Takemitsu (1990), Betsy Jolas (1992), Daniel Lesur (1994), Philippe Hersant (1996), and Mauricio Kagel (1999).

The creation in 1985 of the Cahiers Maurice Ravel bring together unpublished correspondence, official documents, photographs and research articles from internationally-renowned experts. Sixteen Cahiers have been published to date.

Illustrious personalities have succeeded to the presidency of the Fondation, including:

– Henri Dutilleux, composer and Honorary President of the Fondation.

– Marguerite Long, pianist, performer of the premieres of the Tombeau de Couperin and the Concerto in G.

– Emmanuel Bondeville, composer and former director of the Opéra de Paris.

– Marcel Landowski, composer and member of the Institute.

– Manuel Rosenthal, composer, conductor and pianist, disciple and student of Maurice Ravel.

But also, Jean Roy, musicologist, Daniel Lesur, composer, Jacques Mercier, conductor, Abdel Rahman El Bacha, a pianist who recorded the complete piano works of Maurice Ravel.

The cornerstone of the Ravel universe, the Fondation Maurice Ravel now provides various Ravel associations a coordinated framework for action. These include: Les Journées Ravel de Montfort l’Amaury, Maurice Ravel et Montfort l’Amaury, l’Académie internationale de musique Maurice Ravel in Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Les Amis de Maurice Ravel.

A true open window to the world, the Fondation was formed as a relay for cultural, artistic and academic networks laying claim to Maurice Ravel.

Since 2014, the Fondation has committed itself to a bold dynamic. Besides its events and concerts, the Fondation’s activities have gained a new momentum. The Fondation is committed to a dual action, developing both its own projects and at the same time actively supporting diverse partner Ravel associations and foundations.

The recent creation of two new Prix Maurice Ravel awards demonstrates a reaffirmed commitment to support the talent of tomorrow. They crown the work of the best interpreters of the Ravel repertoire. A Prize is awarded as part of the piano session of the Long-Thibaud-Crespin Competition. Three other Prizes are awarded at the end of the summer session of the American Conservatory of the Fontainebleau Schools.

Board Members

President: Geoffroy de Longuemar, Civil engineer of Mines of Paris. President of the Association of Parks and Gardens of Brittany and of the Society of Emulation of Côtes-d’Armor (history and archeology), President of the Friends of Mathurin Méheut, passionate music lover, former student of Schola Cantorum, author of musical chronicles.

Secretary : M. Frédéric Ducros-Malmazet, historian and musicologist, teaches at the Inspé de Versailles, at CY Paris-Cergy University where he leads the Arts department.

Treasurer : M. Christophe Strassel, Senior advisor to the Court of Auditors, associate professor at the University of Paris 2 (Assas) in economics and public law.

Other elected members

Mme Annick de Beistegui, Honorary President of Maurice Ravel Fondation and of the association “Les Journées Ravel de Montfort l’Amaury”

Mme Edit Canat de Chizy, composer, member of the Academy of Fine Arts, Chevalier of the Legion of Honor, Officer of the Order of Merit and Commander of Arts and Letters, Grand Prize of the President of the Republic of the Charles Cros Academy for all of her work.

Jean François Monnard, Swiss musicolist, editor of Cahiers Ravel. After having been conductor, artistic administrator of the Berlin Deutsche Oper and deputy director of the September Musical, he devotes himself to musicology and his work focuses on Maurice Ravel of which he publishes a critical edition of symphonic works.\

François Porcile, filmmaker, author of biographies of musicians, editor-in-chief of Cahiers Maurice Ravel.


Voting board members (by right)

Jean-Jacques Brot, Prefect of Yvelines.

Christopher Miles, Managing Director of French Création Artistique, having appointed  M. Dominique Muller, delegate for Music.

Hervé Planchenault, Mayor of Montfort l’Amaury (78490), President of the Community of Communes Cœur d’Yvelines.


Honorary board members

François-Roger Cazala, Master counselor at the Court of Auditors.
Member of the High Council of Auditors. Director of the Hugot Foundation of the Collège de France.

Jean Louis Delvaux, Director of the association “Les amis du Centre Pompidou Metz” and of the “Amis de l’Opéra-Comique”, Founder of the Jardin des Oules (Gard) labeled a “remarkable garden” by the DRAC (Regional Office of Cultural Affairs).

Henri-François de Breteuil, Owner and curator of the Château de Breteuil in Choisel (78), Chairman of the Yvelines Tourist Board.

Stéphan Chenderoff, Communications Director of the “Groupe CYRUS Conseil”, administrator treasurer of the association “Maurice Ravel et Montfort l’Amaury,” administrator treasurer of the Fondation Ostad Elahi.

Michel Delahaye, Associate Professor, Doctor of the University, 1st prize in harmony, counterpoint and fugue in the CNSM of Paris, Lecturer at the Faculty of Music and Musicology of Paris IV-Sorbonne, head of the Cahiers Ravel, 1998-2015.

Mme Sylvie de Kermadec

Marcel Marnat, Musicologist, radio personality, man of letters, biographer of Maurice Ravel (Maurice Ravel, Fayard, 1986).

Christine Toussaint du Wast


Corresponding members

Arbie Orenstein, musicologist, author of “Ravel, man and musician”.

Xavier Hascher, musicologist



Fondation Maurice Ravel

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